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Conquering Eczema: Controlling the itch

The single biggest challenge with Eczema is how to avoid itching. As mentioned earlier the more you itch the more it will spread by carrying the bad bacteria under your fingernails. I have tried everything from Coconut Oil, Steroid cream, etc. I found that Oils and butters should not be used for eczema, they aggravate […]

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Conquering Eczema: How it spreads

Eczema and most skin based auto immune diseases spread from the first wound to surrounding areas. With eczema your skin goes really dry and there is an uncontrollable sensation to itch. Even if you have the greatest will power to resist the itch, you will find boils errupt in different parts of your body, as […]

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Conquering Eczema: How it started

I am still unclear as to what caused or started my Eczema in the first place. My understanding is that it is events over time that causes damage to the immune system after which it slowly begins to spread. I did have bouts of skin irritation in the past that I self diagnosed as ringworm […]

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Conquering Eczema: Stop further deterioration

Once you have established that you have any form of auto-immune disorder the most important action is to bring it under control. By reducing the speed at which the disease spreads you give yourself time to evaluate treatment options, side effects, lifestyle setbacks, etc. As the disease spreads you will sleep less due to continuous […]

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Free Samples: Try before you buy

We believe as a customer you must have the ability to try before you buy. That is the concept behind our Free Sample policy. For every order above rs.500/- you are entitled to 1 free sample. And an additional free sample for every incremental purchase of rs.500/- Which means for an order of rs.2,000/- you […]

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Refund Policy

A Refund request can be raised by email to Refund requests are accepted only within 7 days from delivery date. A refund request is only approved if the following conditions are met: Product is received in damaged condition Product was received after 14 days of order If your refund is approved, it will be […]

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Cancellation Policy

Items once ordered may only be cancelled prior to dispatch from our end with a tracking number. Cancellation requests are not guaranteed and must be acknowledged by us. We usually respond within 24 hrs. Cancellations after dispatch are not possible and will result in a deduction of freight charges from the refund amount.

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At a store near you?

Dearest customers, Together with your help Sattvic Foods has become synonymous with healthy food and quality. Over the years you have motivated us to keep doing what we do best. In our effort to expand our retail presence we are looking at stores near you that stock our category of products. If you can recommend […]

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