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Conquering Eczema: Controlling the itch

The single biggest challenge with Eczema is how to avoid itching. As mentioned earlier the more you itch the more it will spread by carrying the bad bacteria under your fingernails. I have tried everything from Coconut Oil, Steroid cream, etc. I found that Oils and butters should not be used for eczema, they aggravate […]

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Conquering Eczema: How it spreads

Eczema and most skin based auto immune diseases spread from the first wound to surrounding areas. With eczema your skin goes really dry and there is an uncontrollable sensation to itch. Even if you have the greatest will power to resist the itch, you will find boils errupt in different parts of your body, as […]

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Conquering Eczema: How it started

I am still unclear as to what caused or started my Eczema in the first place. My understanding is that it is events over time that causes damage to the immune system after which it slowly begins to spread. I did have bouts of skin irritation in the past that I self diagnosed as ringworm […]

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Conquering Eczema: Stop further deterioration

Once you have established that you have any form of auto-immune disorder the most important action is to bring it under control. By reducing the speed at which the disease spreads you give yourself time to evaluate treatment options, side effects, lifestyle setbacks, etc. As the disease spreads you will sleep less due to continuous […]

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Mutamba, a rare Sattvic herb

If you ask the population of Peru or any other country in South America that treats diseases, everyone will tell you that they use nature’s herbs, and they do not doubt it. The herbs commonly found in rainforest areas have been known to them since distant times when their ancestors haven’t heard and haven’t yet […]

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10 Green Tea Benefits Which Will Leave You Amazed!

10 Green Tea Benefits Which Will Leave You Amazed!   Uses of green tea are not just limited to drinking it. Yes, there are other beneficial ways to use this magical herb which has several healing properties. We are guessing that you don’t know much about green tea which is why you are here. We […]

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A Taste Of Sunshine: How Tropical Fruits Can Brighten Your Health

We all know the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  However, alarming information from the most recent National Family Health survey shows that over 54% of Indian women don’t consume fruit even once a week.  That’s more than half of India’s mothers, wives and daughters missing out on the essential nutrients which fruit contains, […]

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Cultivate A Sattva Lifestyle With Yoga And Ethical Eating

In 2016 it was reported that there has been a significant increase in the popularity of yoga in India with up to 30% more people taking up the spiritual past-time. Most spiritual channels and religions throughout the course of history, including yoga, have displayed some sort of rule or practices relating to food and eating. Yogis have […]

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Skincare the sattvic way

Sattvic-Savvy Skincare Being beautiful is big business; the latest data from KPMG shows the Indian beauty market growing at a rate of 15-20% a year; that’s twice as fast as sales in the US and Europe.  Within that, the most intense competition is among herbal and natural brands. It’s likely that consumers are looking for […]

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Top 12 Cancer Fighting Foods

Are you afraid that you or your family members could fall victim to some of the most deadly and dreaded types of cancers? If yes, they you have reasons to spend some time going through this article. There are many possible reasons which perhaps could lead to different forms of cancers and food also could […]

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