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Free Samples: Try before you buy

We believe as a customer you must have the ability to try before you buy. That is the concept behind our Free Sample policy. For every order above rs.500/- you are entitled to 1 free sample. And an additional free sample for every incremental purchase of rs.500/- Which means for an order of rs.2,000/- you […]

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Refund Policy

A Refund request can be raised by email to Refund requests are accepted only within 7 days from delivery date. A refund request is only approved if the following conditions are met: Product is received in damaged condition Product was received after 14 days of order If your refund is approved, it will be […]

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Cancellation Policy

Items once ordered may only be cancelled prior to dispatch from our end with a tracking number. Cancellation requests are not guaranteed and must be acknowledged by us. We usually respond within 24 hrs. Cancellations after dispatch are not possible and will result in a deduction of freight charges from the refund amount.

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Dark Chocolate – Let’s make it special together

I’ve long been struggling to find a dark chocolate that is healthy the way it should be. Commercial chocolates are full of milk (off course with preservatives) and other fillers. They also use vegetable oils, hydrogenated fats, etc instead of real cacao butter. Many of them use refined sugars and a bunch of other flavouring […]

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Health Benefits of Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis is a perennial climber that is widely used in traditional Ayurvedic Medicine. Commonly known as the ‘Bone Setter’ or ‘Hadjod’. It has been reported to possess bone fracture healing, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, anthelmintic, antihemorrhoidal and analgesic properties.  It has been historically used for hemorrhoids, ulcers, asthma, and constipation – all important issues associated […]

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Health Benefits of Vanilla Extract

According to Research conducted and Studies published, here are some findings : Vanilla extract is rich in antioxidants. Vanilla shows great potential as a health supplement and food preservative. Vanilla extract is found to have powerful liver-protective abilities, as well as anti-inflammatory abilities. This is due to Vanillin, a natural antioxidant present in vanilla that […]

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Gluten-free Ganesh Laddu

Gluten-free Ganesh Laddu (Churma variety)

Ganesh Chaturthi, the festival of Lord Ganesha, is celebrated widely in many parts of India – and in our home state of Goa! Many of my childhood memories revolve around this beautiful festival. The colours! The lights! The aromas! The fun!…. The best part was Family getting together for the festival – everything was done together! […]

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Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a stable, healthy, naturally saturated fat that is free from trans-fatty acids. It contains medium-chain fatty acids, including lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid which are readily converted to energy by the body. Consumption of coconut oil at recommended levels, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, helps maintain already […]

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