Carob Nut Butter – Healthy and Nutrient packed

carob nut butter
Prep time

Recently, I was at the store to buy our monthly stock of nut butters and jams. As I was going over the ingredients, I kicked myself (mentally) for buying something with so much salt, stabilizers and hydrogenated oils. I put it all back (the nut butter, not the jam – that is a skill I have yet to acquire) and decided to make my own!

A little reading on the how of the process and I decided to make Carob Apricot Nut butter or Carob ‘Nutella’. This nutty, chocolate-y nut butter turned out so much better than any store bought ones I have ever had. I wondered why I didn’t try this earlier. Moreover, it is sugar free and caffeine free, the two things that make me happier when my son devours it.

Almost everyone loves spreads, especially kids. Our family is no different, be it a jam or nut butter or a chutney. As a working mommy, I find it easier to just slap a load of my son’s favourite spread on a chapati or a whole wheat bread and call it a snack. It is filling and nutritious. I gifted a friend with IBS a jar of my homemade carob apricot nut butter, because it is gluten free. He was very happy because he could finally savour something close to nutella!

Carob apricot nut butter goes well with crackers, as a spread on breads or as a dip with apples. You can serve it to your guests and bask in glory when they go wow.

Word to the wise. You may have to make a big batch as it is difficult to stop eating once you start!

Nutritious Whey Protein Crepes

whey protein crepes
Serves 2 Crepes
Prep time
Cook Time

I recently saw a movie, where Batman uses a dehydrator to shrink food in size. He says this allows him to eat high calorie and nutrient filled meals on the go. Well, that is an idea. Here is a simpler way for you to have a quick, filling and nutritious meal – Whey Protein Crepes.

You can whip up these high protein delicacies in minutes. And they are very filling (we know 😉 ). So you will be having a healthy meal that will make your mother happy. Also, a few tweaks here and there and you have added your own flavour to these whey protein crepes.

I recently made these for breakfast on Sunday and boy did they vanish from the plates! We are more into savoury breakfasts, like poha, dosa, upma etc. But these whey protein crepes were a pleasant change and are something we can have on a regular basis.

The whey protein powder I used is unflavoured, so you can also make savory whey protein crepes, or simple crepes to go with a quick stir-fry, like mushroom and baby corn or french beans and onion (these two happen to be my favourites!)

What surprised me when I first started using whey protein powder is that it is not just useful for athletes and fitness enthusiasts but can also be used for weight loss. When paired with fruits and/or milk (dairy, coconut, almond, soy) to make smoothies (recipes coming soon!), it is very filling and can aid in weight loss, with exercise and some self-discipline 🙂

Whey Protein Ice cream

whey protein ice cream
Serves 4 Scoops
Prep time

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Ice cream is the go to dessert in our home – rain, hail or shine! But the store bought flavours get monotonous after a while. Well, that happened and I decided to experiment with whey protein ice cream. I wanted to get some superfood goodness while also indulging my sweet tooth.

This recipe requires about 75 gram of whey protein powder, so you get approximately 59 gram of protein. That is if you eat all the ice cream in one sitting ;). If you are working out and want to have your protein in a different way, then this is the whey for you (see what I did there?!). If your kid is a picky eater, then just add his/her favorite fruits, nuts and seeds to this whey protein ice cream.

Since the whey protein powder I used is unflavoured, it doesn’t alter the original taste that the fruits render to this frozen dessert. Besides, it is free of any preservatives, fillers or thickeners. I was free to add any flavours that I could think of, but I decided to go with vanilla, because…baby steps! The ice cream turned out great. We managed to lick the blender clean after the ice cream went to the freezer to set.

Here I have tried whey protein ice cream with banana and whey protein ice cream with strawberries. You can try it with any fruits of your choice. We would love to hear how yours turned out 🙂 (Psst.. I am going to try chocolate ice cream next!)

Fun fact: It is said that it takes 50 licks to finish a single scoop of ice cream. Let’s go find out!

Carob Apricot ‘Chocolate’ Bars

carob apricot bar
Serves 24 squares
Prep time

I still cannot get over how yum these ‘chocolate’ bars turned out. Yum does not even begin to describe them. They were ‘d-i-v-i-n-e’. After all they are packed with the goodness of Carob, Sweet Apricot Kernels and Coconut Oil. You will be pleased to learn that these bars are dairy free, sugar free and gluten free. So lets say bye-bye to any sugar rush!

The star ingredient, carob powder, is rich in iron, calcium and other minerals. And dietary fibre. And natural sugar! It also has many traditional medicinal uses, like boosting metabolism in kids and improving heart function in adults.

I am a bit wary of giving my son ready made, packaged chocolates as they are full of sugar and chemicals. But he being a kid loves it and I don’t have the heart to say no to him every time he asks for one. That’s when I started thinking hard and fast and came up with these carob apricot ‘chocolate’ bars. They look just like store bought chocolate but are full of all the good stuff and contain NO chemicals! Win-win for all!

These chocolate bars also make for a good, healthy and different gift, during the festival season. The nutty, roasty, earthy flavour of carob was so tempting we could hardly keep our hands off the chocolates long enough to take pictures. Go ahead. Try this recipe and let us know how yours turned out!