Devgad Alphonso Mango (100% Carbide Free)

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The King of Mangoes, directly from the farmers of Devgad. Our Mangoes are 100% Carbide free, meaning no chemical ripening.

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Devgad Alphonso Mango (100% Carbide Free) Description

Our Mangoes are shipped Green (Raw). In order to withstand transportation time, courier handling and heat. 

The mangoes are plucked only after receiving your order, hence additional preparation time is required.

We pluck and pack mangoes with stems intact so as to ensure proper ripening.

Once you receive the crate of mangoes

  1. Take them all out and inspect them. Those that are green can be moved to the bottom, yellowish ones on the top.
  2. Keep them packed in crate with hay in 18-25* temperature (keep in air conditioning if ambient temperatures are higher) until yellow.
  3. Cut them only once they are orange or yellowish and slightly softer with a sweet smell. If you cut them before time they will taste sour feel raw.
  4. Once ripe you can keep in refrigerator to increase shelf life or consume (after refrigerating for 2 hours).

Our quality guarantee

As with any natural chemical free product some spoilage is expected. In the event of any spoilt mango, send us a picture by email, we will refund 50% of the amount per spoilt mango.


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