Kombucha Scoby

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Organic Kombucha SCOBY with Starter Tea – Live Starter Culture – can make a 4 ltr mason jar – Brew Your Own Kombucha

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Kombucha Scoby Description

  • FULL OF ANTIOXIDANTS AND PROBIOTICS– Our Sattvic Kombucha SCOBY is guaranteed pure and natural. It is great for brewing your very own Kombucha. It is proven to consist of helpful probiotics that help the tummy feel good and clean. Antioxidants that are present in Kombucha fight free radicals that can damage your healthy cells. Drinking Kombucha frequently eliminates toxic chemicals present in the body.
  • SCOBY IS SAFE TO EAT- Even though it is known to create a nutritious drink, Scoby can be eaten as it is too. It has a fruity, sour flavor and its texture is like that of a squid. If you want to eat SCOBY as it is, it is perfectly fine. 
  • CURES HANGOVER – Kombucha has natural detoxifying properties like gluconic acids that target the liver. Just brew your Kombucha using our Sattvic Kombucha Scoby and be ready to party!
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS –  Scoby is approximately 3-4 inches in diameter and about 1/8 – 1/4′ inch thick. PLEASE NOTE: The size, texture and color of each Scoby will vary. You will also receive an (approx.) 8″ x 8″ piece of muslin cloth. Happy Brewing
  • SCOBY CAN LAST A LIFETIME- You will receive 1.5 cups of strong, mature liquid starter tea that is sufficient to make a 4 ltr jar. After that, if properly cared for, you can brew for a lifetime!

Have you ever wondered where the word Kombucha comes from? The word Kombucha is derived from the two words combined–KOMBU and CHA. Long before, a Korean physician whose name is Kombu used the tea from China as a way to treat a Japanese emperor who has gastric troubles. The ruler was so grateful to the physician that he named the drink after him–KOMBU and CHA meaning “tea”. 

Soon enough, it gained so much popularity among the foreign traders visiting China that is why it was immediately introduced in the European Market. 

Another fact of Kombucha is that the biofilm that is produced in making it can be made into a fabric. Yes! Its texture is leather-like and it is used to make some coats, shoes, and t-shirts. Interesting, right? 

Today, Kombucha is still well-known because of the health claims and benefits it gives. It is sometimes called ‘Tea-Biotics’. Since Kombucha is a potential source of probiotics (Lactobacillus), it can aid in constipation. It balances good bacteria in the gut and relieves mild gastrointestinal issues. Another benefit of Kombucha is that it helps strengthen the immune system since it helps cleanse the gut so no more bloated and uneasy feel. Nowadays, many commercialized makers of kombucha can be seen in grocery stores. But what if you can already make it in the comfort of your home? Our product, Kombucha SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) Starter Tea is all you need. You’ll never run out of Kombucha anymore! Not only that, since you can make it on your own, you are assured that it is clean and safe to intake. It is so easy to make you’ll even wonder why you spent so much money on a bottled drink. One mother Scoby, if well-taken care of can produce baby SCOBY’s, you can share with friends!

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