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Maple Syrup (Glass Bottle) from Canada 355ml

Maple Syrup (Glass Bottle) from Canada 355ml

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Starting your day right means waking up to an amazing breakfast. And there’s absolutely nothing that beats a fresh stack of warm pancakes smothered in butter, and oozing in delicious maple syrup. Maple syrup is what makes pancakes phenomenal. Contrary to the belief that maple syrup is just a trickle of golden awesomeness, it actually has more calcium than milk.

Did you know that Pine, Birch, and Black Walnut trees can be tapped for maple syrup, not just Maple trees? That Canada has a maple syrup cartel. That maple syrup bottles have handles because they were patterned after the original 5-pound containers? And that Maine has a Maple Syrup holiday Maple syrup originated from the Native Americans, long before the first European settlers arrived, and has been invading our breakfast tables since 1850.


The Freshos pure grade A maple syrup is manufactured by Great Northern Maple, a Canadian-owned company. Freshos has been a trusted brand for more than 4 decades. What makes this brand stand out is it is a vegetarian product, has a delicious rich maple flavour, thick and smooth consistency, and most importantly, it is pure and concentrated/unadulterated.

How To Use

  • Freshos maple syrup is perfect for pancakes, waffles, scones, crepes, French toast, etc.
  • They are also a great substitute for sugar when cooking or baking, especially if you prefer low sugar content foods.

Health Benefits

  • Freshos maple syrup is not just a treat for the sweet tooth, you reap health benefits too. It lowers sugar content compared with other syrups. 
  • It has Manganese; which helps in the production of enzymes in your body, and Zinc, when combined, Manganese and Zinc help our body build a better immune system.

Why Buy Ours

  • Made with top quality ingredients from the Canadian Maple Trees, Our maple syrup is rich and gives a smooth flavour to make any dish sta out.
  • Bottled and created to quality perfection, our product is 100% and imported from Canada.
  • Being Gluten-Free, be assured that this is an original and natural untampered product specifically made for a health-conscious individual to promote better food choices.
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