10 Green Tea Benefits Which Will Leave You Amazed!

10 Green Tea Benefits Which Will Leave You Amazed!   Uses of green tea are not just limited to drinking it. Yes, there are other beneficial ways to use this magical herb which has several healing properties. We are guessing that you don’t know much about green tea which is why you are here. We have a list of astonishing green tea benefits which you can try to take care of your hair, skin and health. So, just read on and be amazed with its wonders!
  1. It contains lesser amount of caffeine than coffee!
The caffeine, also called as stimulant, present in green tea helps to improve brain functions including vigilance, brain memory, reaction time, avoiding sleepiness and improved mood. Although drinking too much caffeine is not good for health. But the good news is that green tea contains comparatively half amount of caffeine than present in coffee. Many people have affirmed that they feel more alert and productive after drinking green tea rather than drinking coffee. So if you are seeking some alertness but not too much that will affect your health than go for green tea.  
  1. It helps in weight loss!
Green tea burns fat and increases the metabolic rate. Our metabolic rate is responsible for food digestion. So, obviously, if you have a fast-metabolic rate chances are high that you won’t gain weight. However, it depends on person to person. So, for some people green tea can work to fasten the metabolic rate while for some it won’t.
  1. It might help in preventing cancer!
Cancer is a deadly disease which is still a mystery for scientists. However, it is known that oxidative damage is also responsible for the development of cancer. So, antioxidants may work as a shield for protection. Green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants which gives the possibility of preventing cancer.  
  1. It improves dental health!
Green tea kills bacteria and is therefore helpful in reducing dental problems. Streptococcus mutans, a harmful bacteria present in the mouth, causes plaque formation. It is majorly responsible for cavities and tooth decay. Research shows that green tea helps to stamp down the growth of this bacteria. It can also reduce bad breath!
  1. Drink green tea and boost your immunity!
The green tea contains catechins which is responsible for boosting our immunity. The tea protects us from oxidants and radicals.  
  1. Use green tea for your panda eyes!
Green tea is a wonder for treating dark circles. It can reduce dark circles and treat puffy eyes. You just need to grab some tea bags. Green tea contains tannins which works to shrink the blood vessels in the eye area and this is why it helps in reducing the puffiness. For dark circles, it works by reducing the dilation of blood vessels.  
  1. It can delay the ageing signs!
Forget your anti-ageing creams and makeup products, green tea alone can help you in reducing ageing signs. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants which reduces expression lines and wrinkles.  
  1. Your natural sunscreen: Green Tea
The free radicals causes sunburn and rashes. Green tea blocks the free radicals to settle between our skin cells.
  1. It makes your hair grow long and shiny!
It contains polyphenols and vitamins  E and C, which are known to promote the shine of hair. It can also make your hair grow faster. You can rinse your hair after doing shampoo with a mixture of water and green tea leaves as a conditioner.  
  1. It makes your heart healthy!
Green tea helps to lower blood pressure which can lead to improve heart health. But you shouldn’t drink it in large amount if you are taking medications for blood pressure.
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