Are we Organic?

While we believe in sustainability above all, our motive is to provide you the best quality health foods. We always strive to get the best option available. Our top preference being Wild or Permaculture grown else Organic where available. Wild Organic Natural


Always have the highest mineral profile and complete spectrum of nutrients, essential enzymes, etc. This was the way agriculture was intended to be and the best way of sustaining the earth and mankind.


Due to rampant deforestation the Permaculture approach is the only alternative way of obtaining the same quality as wild or forest sourced produce. Permaculture is a technique of working with nature and using all the resources provided by nature to sow, protect and harvest crops. This means that no fertilizers, pesticides, etc are used at all, not even those of organic nature. The key to the success of a permaculture farm is the preparation of its soil to be mineral rich and planting crops in a manner to harvest all the sun and water available. We are slowly partnering with local permaculture farms to bring more of these products into the market although many of them operate with a very minimal produce.


While Organic is the term most understood by the layman it is not necessarily the best option. But sometimes the most easily available of the better options for buying your food. Organic is may be the best option for foods produced on a large scale. With Organic farming fertilizers, pesticides, etc may be used but they are organic in nature and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Usually farms that practice Organic style of agriculture can get a certificate if they have been following Organic procedures for a minimum of 3 yrs. However the costs and procedures does not make it feasible for small and independent farmers to get certified.



Natural is the next best standard. It only means that the foods are minimally processed and do not contain any hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors. Although we try only to work with farms that do not use pesticides or Genetic Modified Organisms / Seeds. Mineral fertilizers may be used to boost the nutrient content of the soil and subsequently the produce, but these are proven safe for consumption and are only blends of common bio-available minerals such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, etc.   While it is always our intention to only offer the best produce, sometime we are at a lack of options. Convincing farmers, growers and sometimes corporations to move to Organic or Permaculture is a mindshift and a time consuming process. But we assure you that it is our priority and foremost intention.