Gluten-free analysis and reports

Most of the healthiest foods in the world are gluten-free. While gluten-free is a recent fad, primitive man didn't consume much gluten. He survived mostly on plants, fruits, berries, etc that were naturally gluten-free. Gluten free

Gluten-free in the limelight

However in more recent times, due to mass deforestation and the onset of commercial agriculture the diet of the human being has become more domesticated. Harvesting grains, etc for longer term storage as opposed to eating fresh daily. Many grains do contain gluten and gluten may not be harmful in most cases unless the grain is Genetic modified as in the case of Wheat. So while gluten-free is not a necessity, some people may be celiac or others with certain blood groups that can't digest gluten. But everybody can eat gluten-free.

Gluten-free certification

Gluten-free certification standards have not yet been established in India. However several labs can test for gluten and confirm its absence. Most of the products that we offer are naturally gluten-free and the rest are tested for being free of gluten. These tests are conducted by Nikhil Analytical Research Laboratory in Sangli, Maharashtra. You can request a copy of this report if required. Please contact us to know more about this lab report.