Our Technology Advantage

Sattvic Foods unlike other food processors does not use fumigation (Spraying of foods with chemicals to avoid infestation) an industry standard for grain preservation, we instead use Dehumidification, Dehydration and Ozonation. These technologies are much more costlier, but more effective for health and the guarantee that our product is as natural as can be.

Dehydration: All dry food items are first dehydrated upon arriving at our facilities using our proprietary dehydration machines. Each batch is dehydrated for a minimum of 4 hrs at a temperature not exceeding 40*C to preserve the complete nutrition of the items. This proprietary technique naturally increases shelf-life of the grains and keeps weevils at bay.

Dehumidification: All food items tend to get spoilt faster in moist storage, to ensure that shelf life is not reduced we dehumidify our grain storage room using industry's leading dehumidification machines. Keeping the air dry and free of moisture ensures that they are stored in the safest and cleanest possible storage.

Ozonation: Ozonation is 100 times more effective than chlorination. Using ozone to get rid of germs is much safer and more natural as well. We use ozonators in our storage rooms to ensure that any harmful bacteria do not survive. Ozone is the second most powerful oxidant known and hence very effective at destroying bacteria, viruses and odours. As opposed to more commercial techniques such as fumigation which is the FDA standard globally, we use Ozonation to keep our grain storage rooms pure and free of viruses and bacteria. This means that we are the pioneers in being able to preserve, store and disinfect grains without any poisonous fumes. The use of these technologies makes our product quality superior to our competitors and demonstrates our concern for your health as well as the environment.