Conquering Eczema: Chinese Body Clock

Several years ago when I was 25 I was diagnosed with a sluggish liver in a routine health checkup (I stopped doing these after that). I didn't know or understand well enough the cause, effects and significance of a sluggish liver. But I was rather concerned about such a diagnosis at such a young age.

As I have always wanted to maintain good health I cut back on the regularity of my alcohol consumption. And later on I decided to permanently give it up. While this did not cure the sluggish liver it definitely stops the condition from further deteriorating. While I was still curious about how to repair this problem on a permanent basis for a better quality of life, someone mentioned to me about the Chinese body clock and the flow of Qi to the various organs for 2 hours each.

I would seldom sleep before 2am each night which means that my kidney was getting half or no repair time at all (Liver time between 1am to 3am) and bile secretion from the gall bladder (11pm to 1am) was also not being done properly. It takes a long time to be able to commit to a lifestyle change and to be able to make that happen over a period of time. Eating dinner early was no problem, I can eat at any time and eating a meal by 7pm was an easy adjustment for me. But my inability to sleep on time meant that I would get hungry later and snack again between 12 and 1 am.

Committing to waking up early is a feat for most people, we wake up just in time to get cleaned up and get to work. Changing that habit or waking up without a clear agenda is extremely hard. It took me years and years of procrastination to wake up early, but again it is because I have something to do and somewhere to run to. I now play tennis in the mornings at 7am which means I need to be up by 6:15am. It excites me, I get out of bed looking forward to it and the morning running around keeps me energised throughout the day.

If I did not sleep well the previous night or got a few hours of sleep too less, I still wake up on time and go about my day as planned. When the tiredness hits around early afternoon I try to catch a quick nap, not over an hour or a 30 min Yoga Nidra session that boosts my energy and helps me get through the day without being groggy.

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