Conquering Eczema: Kefir the Ultimate Probiotic

Most dieticians and natural treatments will emphasise the use of probiotics. But taking probiotics in the form pills has little to no effect in my opinion. Also getting probiotics from Yogurt means consuming loads of it, dealing with gastric issues as well as the hormones pumped to produce milk.

Enter Kefir:

  1. It’s Alive - Perhaps the most incredible aspect of kefir is that it’s a living probiotic. You cannot make kefir without the grain. Hence it’s always kept refrigerated.
  2. Make at home - The best part is that it is so simple to make that you can just do it at home. It only takes a day, and wallah. You can consume a home grown kefir everyday at much lesser cost than buying any other probiotic.
  3. For any Palate - Kefir is magical in the sense that it can be prepared with any base- such as water, milk, cashew milk, almond milk, oat milk, etc. I’ve tried every base for kefir and I personally prefer Cashew, it’s tasty, local and nutritious.

The results from Kefir are stunning, immediate. The day you start consuming Kefir, you will start seeing results. Lowered inflammation and lesser itching. And the results will remain for as long as you continue to take the same.

I had no expectations when I started Kefir, I didn’t know that it would help eczema, but I want to give a special shout to MO’s Superfoods. Mo had eczema herself and started making Kefir for her own self and then grew her production to make it convenient for those in need. She did a workshop in Goa and shared some kefir grains which were circulated amongst the attendees.

Give it a try!

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