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Natural Black Peppercorns

Natural Black Peppercorns


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Product Description

Black peppercorns are sun dried and not subjected to any boiling or other processing methods, they are 100% pure and retain all their nutrients.

Over the five years, we have transitioned to growing produce in an ecosystem that closely represents the plants’ natural growing patterns and conditions in the wild. In this way, we are able to harness nature’s defence mechanisms and ability to cycle nutrients that helps us be self-sufficient and not rely on any external inputs. Our produce is chemical-free, and our estate is rich with native trees, natural undergrowth, and a cacophony of sounds from myriad birds and insects.

The pepper is harvested as close to maturity as possible — when the pepper starts turning from green to red. This ensures that the harvested produce has maximum flavour. The pepper is sun-dried first within clear sheets and then in the open to ensure a pure, natural taste.  

Our pepper is grown on a farm in Belur taluk in Karnataka, close to the Western Ghats, which are recognised as one of the world's 'hottest hotspots’ of biological diversity

  • Use in a pepper crusher
  • Use whole in cooking

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