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Organic A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee (Traditional Bilona Method)

Organic A2 Desi Gir Cow Ghee (Traditional Bilona Method)

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A2 Ghee has traditionally churred ghee which is made using the ancient bilona method. It is the powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids which promote good health. The natural proteins found in A2 ghee help in improving digestion, and eyesight and helps in building immunity. Desi Gir cow ghee is Gluten-free, easy to digest, and safe for most people with lactose or casein sensitivities. We use 30kgs of curd to make 1kg of pure ghee.


    Sattvic Foods Organic A2 Desi Ghee is made from milk collected from grass-fed desi Gir cows of Rajasthan.

    What is the Bilona Method

    • The Bilona process of procuring ghee (butter) from milk has been around since Vedic times. It is the traditional churning method.
    • Pure desi or A2 cow ghee is a great source of health. Our Vedas have mentioned pure desi cow ghee as RASA that serves humans with Ojas. The Ojas further add health, longevity, salubrity, and beauty. The Vedas have also defined the method of procuring desi ghee from cow milk as the Bilona Process.
    • The ghee prepared through the Bilona process retains the essence of milk. As the ghee belongs to a long process and manual labour of hand churning, it reflects in the taste.
    • The obtained milk is later boiled in an earthen pot to retain the goodness of nature. No cream is used to enhance the texture as the Bilona process is meant to ensure purity.
    • The earthen pot that contains the milk is left overnight to naturally convert into curd.
    • After further heating the curd, the water is evaporated from the ghee and thus the fat gets separated from the milk solids.
    • This is the final A2 cow ghee that has all the nutritional properties of ghee described in Vedas and Ayurvedic Shastras.

    How To Use 

    • Cooking- Because of its high smoke point (250C or 482F), ghee is one of the best oils to use in cooking. Nutrition Dense and the Very best! Use in any sweet or savoury dishes. Some ideas: Snacks/Appetisers - Toss with Popcorn, Spread over toast in place of butter Main Course - Add to Hot Soup, Relish it with Hot Rice, Drizzle over Grilled Veggies, Use it to make sauces Desserts - Use it while preparing sweets like Halwa, Ladoos. Also use it in your baked goodies like cookies, cakes
    • Carrier- Use as a carrier for herbal medicines
    • An Antiseptic- Apply externally on wounds for quick healing.
    • An effective Moisturiser- Use directly on the skin
    • An anti-inflammatory - Consumption of ghee can help prevent chronic illnesses linked with inflammation. Can also Rub on joints
    • Use as Nasal Drops- (2 drops in the nose) Cleanses the Nasal Passage and is helpful in Curing Ailments above the collar bone such as Migraine, Headache, Hearing, Vision
    • Use for Traditions and Ceremonies as it cleanses the atmosphere

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    Health Benefits

    • Nourishment for the body- A2 Ghee whether consumed internally or applied externally, nourishes the body system. According to Ayurveda, drinking ghee in the morning on an empty stomach treats the body like rasa, which is a major source of nutrition for cells in the body 
    • Aids in Digestion- A2 Ghee stimulates the secretion of digestive acids in the stomach that help break down food. It also helps remove toxins and promotes elimination, thus improving digestive quality.
    • Heart Health- With the presence of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, A2 Ghee can help lower the levels of cholesterol which will a healthy boost to the heart. 
    • Moisturises and Heals Skin- Ghee contains soothing and moisturizing effects that can help treat some minor skin issues. For example, dry and chapped lips can retain back smoothness and softness with the help of Ghee.

    Why Buy Ours

    • Our A2 Ghee is 100% Certified Pure Organic.
    • No added chemicals and preservatives.
    • A2 Desi Ghee is made from milk collected from grass-fed desi Gir cows using the Bilona Method.
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