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Prime Pressed Cacao Butter

Prime Pressed Cacao Butter

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Cacao Butter is the edible fat that is naturally present and extracted from Cacao Beans. It is also called theobroma oil and is a pale brown, edible vegetable fat packed with antioxidants. Its best-known attribute is its melting point, which is just below human body temperature. Cacao butter is a major ingredient in practically all types of chocolates (white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate).

This application continues to dominate the consumption of cacao butter. Cacao butter can be found in most supermarkets, and the process of preparing small amounts of chocolate from cacao butter and cacao powder means that the practice of making chocolate at home has become relatively popular.


They are sourced from some of the finest Independent Farming Cooperatives in Kerala. 

How To Use

  • Use it to make chocolates and desserts.
  • Replace butter in cakes resulting in a lower fat healthier dessert
  • Can substitute for gelatin in desserts. Thus creating a more airy and tasty dessert
  • Use in cosmetics, moisturizers, body care products
  • You can substitute it for other cooking oil. The advantage of cooking with this butter would be its resistance to high temperatures without burning as well as small amounts of it suffice.

Health Benefits

  • Reduce Heart Disease- Oleic acid protects you against atherosclerosis (fat build-up in your blood vessels) by reducing cholesterol. A research study revealed that daily consumption of 6 grams of chocolate could reduce heart disease risk, in part because of the oleic acid content.
  • Prevent Diabetes- A study from the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Cohort showed that regularly consuming 28g of chocolate per week could lower the risk of diabetes by 34%.
  • Decrease High Blood Pressure- Another study of the Kuna Indians on the Caribbean coast of Panamá revealed that the tribespeople had an unusually low incidence of hypertension. This effect is attributed to cacao's regular consumption with doses of over five cups a day, even though their salt intake was relatively high.
  • Cognitive Support- Omega-3 fatty acids also support cognitive function and help reduce cognitive impairment and dementia in the elderly. A Harvard Medical School study revealed that drinking two cups a day of hot chocolate could support brain health and lower memory loss in older people.

Why Buy Ours 

Our cacao butter is pure, unrefined, prime pressed food-grade butter. It has a beautiful light aroma of chocolate. It contains many naturally occurring Antioxidants, Vitamin E as well as a number of other vitamins and minerals. . It is unbleached and hence golden-yellow in colour.

Get crafty!

Click here for Some great ideas for cooking with this butter To see more of the wonderful benefits of this product click here


Butter may arrive in liquid form due to summer temperatures, please refrigerate to restore it to its original state.

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