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Raw Sunflower Seeds (No Shell)

Raw Sunflower Seeds (No Shell)


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Product Description

Our sunflower seeds are an excellent source of protein, fiber & minerals. Its high in vitamin E, dietary fiber and iron content. They make a delicious snack straight out of the bag! You can also try combining them with salads, adding them to snack mixes or baking with them.

Our sunflower seeds are a healthy and delicious snack. These sunflower seeds are premium in size and taste. They’re an excellent source of protein, fibre, and minerals. They have high vitamin E, dietary fibre, and iron content and are also protein-rich. Sunflower seeds are a healthy snack for children as well as those people who are allergic to nuts. 

A light, healthy, tasty snack to be enjoyed anywhere at any time.

The Raw sunflower seed is a gift of the beautiful sunflower that has rays of petals emanating from its bright yellow, seed-studded centre. These seeds are rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, calcium, and proteins. They are useful in lowering cholesterol, inflammation, and osteoporosis while boosting immunity. 

Our seed sprouts are popular due to their great taste and rich source of nutrients, fibre, and healthy fats. The quality-approved array of Sunflower Seeds offered by us forms an essential part of one’s diet. The rich content of vitamin E promotes good hair, skin, and nail health. The magnesium in it helps maintain brain health and reduces stress. The selenium in it helps control and prevent cancer cell growth.

Our Sunflower seeds are grown and hulled in Latur, Maharashtra. We are one of the few sellers of domestic seeds while most others sell imported.

These healthy seeds are a source of great nutrition and can make a delicious snack straight out of the bag! You can also try combining them with salads, adding them to snack mixes, or baking with them. Their mild nutty flavour complements a wide range of dishes, particularly vegetables. You can also blend them into a pesto.Try this!

  • Maintain Cholesterol Levels- Sunflower seeds may help lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar as they contain vitamin E, magnesium, protein, linoleic fatty acids, and several plant compounds.
  • Maintain Cardiovascular Health- A compound in sunflower seeds blocks an enzyme that causes blood vessels to constrict. As a result, it may help your blood vessels relax, lowering your blood pressure. The magnesium in sunflower seeds helps reduce blood pressure levels as well
  • Promote Body Energy Production- Sunflower seeds are rich in the B complex vitamins, which are essential for a healthy nervous system, and are a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, protein, and vitamin E.
  • Enhances Immun System- Sunflower seeds are rich in healthy fats, beneficial plant compounds, and several vitamins and minerals. These nutrients may play a role in reducing your risk of common health problems and increasing your immunity.

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate for maximum shelf life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sadasivam Palaniappan
Good Quality Product

Delivered before time.Scientificaly well packed.Seeds are of good quality.Pl.keep it up

Good product

Fresh & good quality

Good seeds and taste good too.

The product is sent according to the description. The delivery was on time. Packing was good. And the seeds too are very clean and taste good too. I recommend anyone to buy the same.

✌Ramees Rahman✌
Are you health concerned..?☝If yes,go for it without a 2nd thought..!

Hello eveyone..!👋

I made this purchase for my parents inorder to improve their diet a bit more healthier and i am totally satisfied with the product..!👍

The product was received within two days of ordering and also in a perfect packaging condition so no flaws in that too..!

Now time to discuss about the product.!

✓ I received the product for Rs 150/- which is fine when we compare with the local outlets.👍

✓ The product weight is 250gm.👍

✓ I received a brand new product and i will attach a pic you guys can check it out(Mfg date-:03/2018 & Exp date-:03/2019)

✓It has a zip cover at the cover top which can be closed after the usage.(It will avoids the air entrapment and we dont need an extra bottle for the storage after its opened)👍

✓ The product is crunchy and delicious and it can be used as raw or along with salads.👌

✓ It is rich in Vitamin E, copper, B Vitamins like thiamine, phosphorus, selenium and essential fatty acids linoleic acid.👍

✓ Have alot of health benefits including-:👇
1.Promote heart health.
2.Improves blood circulation.
3.Have in-flammatory properties.
4.Good for skin & hair and many more.!

Verdict-: Its a healthy choice,go ahead and make it as a part of your diet..!👌

Thats all i wanna share guys..!👋

👉Thanks 4 reading..!👈

Srimonti Sarkar
Five Stars

Excellent taste and a great afternoon snack. I have bought this multiple times.