Apple Cider Vinegar

20 Practical Uses & Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is an age old recipe known for its healing properties and works as a natural preservative and disinfectant. It is often referred to as a miracle juice as it contains many vitamins, minerals and enzymes providing multiple uses and benefits in relation to food, cleaning and health. The potent benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are countless from helping the body to fight off infections such as allergies, sinus and throat problems to helping detoxify the liver, treating cuts and wounds, aiding in weight loss as well as many many more. With so many versatile uses of Apple Cider Vinegar, it is a must have item for your kitchen cupboard! Apple Cider Vinegar Check out the list of uses and benefits below to inspire you to easily include it in your daily routine and experience for yourself the powerful effects of this natural remedy. 1. As ACV can be used to relieve acne, you can apply it as a facial toner. 2. It is an all purpose cleaner helping to detoxify your home. You can use it alone or mix one part ACV with one part water adding in some natural essentials oils, if available. 3. Boost your hairs natural shine and help eliminate any dandruff. Create a simple solution of 1/3 cup of ACV and 4 cups of water, pouring through your hair after shampooing. Repeat this a couple times a week for desired effect. 4. Remove teeth stains. Simply gargle ACV in the mornings helping to clean and brighten a white smile. It will also help to kill any bacteria in the mouth. 5. Natural massage treatment - Apply and massage ACV to hands and feet relieving and soothing tiredness. 6. Use it as an after sun as it will help soothe sunburn. Mix with water before applying directly to skin to avoid any extra skin irritation. Alternatively, add a few drops of ACV to your bath. 7. Use as a natural room freshener. To create that clean zingy freshness smell in your bathroom, pour directly into your toilet leaving it to sit overnight before flushing. 8. If you are a smoothie fan, why not add some ACV to your favorite smoothies helping to shift that unwanted belly bulge and reduce cholesterol levels. 9. Add to your salads replacing your usual salads dressings. 10. Detoxifying bath. Pour 1/2 cup to 1 cup of ACV into your bath for a detoxifying effect. You can also include some epsom salts and lavendar oil. Enjoy! 11. Combat yeast infections. The natural enzymes in ACV will aid in eliminating yeast infections in the body . 12. Fight off your pets flea infections. Use one part vinegar and one part water and spray over the entire coat, massaging well into skin. Repeat consistently for a couple of days to a week to eliminate fleas completely. 13. Clear that unwanted stuffy nose or tackle that sinus infection. Drink a simple solution of a teaspoon of ACV in water. 14. Catching Flies. Mix a tablespoon of ACV and dish washing liquid in a cup of water. This should attract and trap the flies in the cup. 15. Suffer from bad breath? You can help tackle this problem by gargling a mixture of 1/2 tablespoon ACV to a cup of water for 10 seconds. Repeat until empty. 16. Soothe a sore throat with this mixture of 1/4 cup of ACV and 1/4 cup of warm water. Gargle and repeat every hour. 17. Remove warts. Soak a cotton pad with ACV. Place the pad over the wart and use a bandage to secure. Leave overnight and repeat consistently for one week. 18. To achieve that freshly cooked fluffly rice, add a cupful to raw rice before cooking. This will not add a vinegar taste. 19. Incoporate a daily ACV detox drink to help you lose weight and start your day off right. Click this link to view our simple ACV detox recipe. 20. Intake one tablespoon of ACV to fight off the hiccups. Improve your well being today by clicking on this link to purchase our Sattvic Food Apple Cider Vinegar and create your own ideas to suit your lifestyle!
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