Environmentally Friendly Biodegradable Packaging

We Care

Our mission is to spread healthy living, sustainable agriculture practices across India and the world; which directly and indirectly facilitates caring for the environment.



Organic farming practices ensure that no harmful pesticides and fertilizers harm the Earth. Permaculture goes beyond, by ensuring that no pesticides or fertilizers are used at all. We insist that our farmers use natural means for their cultivation and where possible organic and permaculture techniques.



Bak2Earth Bags While plastic is a necessary evil to keep food items safe from cross contamination and moisture there are still not many commercially available materials that can replace plastic packaging permanently and on a commercial scale. In India we will be the first company to explore and try out biodegradable bags for our Ecommerce orders. Bak2earth bio-degradable bags are made with renewable wood pulp. Wood pulp is completely biodegradable. These bags are tested with international standards that confirm a 100% of wood pulp portion of the bag will dissolve within approx 85 days at any standard residential composting facility. The lining of these bags is made from Bio PolyEthylene derived from sugarcane and it will break down completely in 10 yrs as opposed to a minimum of 100 yrs or more for conventional plastic. Bak2earth bags when thrown along with the trash will have a significantly less environmental impact as compared to standard plastic bags. Our exterior cardboard boxes are naturally biodegradable. We try to use a minimum amount of glue and tape only for the product to be delivered to you safely.



We have not fully tested the impact of bio-degradable bags on the shelf life of our products. Studies suggest that shelf life can be reduced by as much as 10-20%. Because of that we are only trying out this packaging for our direct to consumer Ecommerce business. We request your cooperation and support in the event of any setbacks during these trials.