Free Shipping on orders over ₹300

Free Shipping over ₹300

We don't believe our customers should have to pay shipping fees, the reason being simple - If we have a retail store, we pay rent, we pay employees, utilities, etc. In the online world these costs are lower. We can pass on this benefit to the consumer at the same time the savings that we make if the consumer buys directly from us as opposed to buying our product through a reseller. Establishing presence, trust and a rapport with customers requires a commitment and we are making this commitment to you. Because at the end of the day our priority above all is to spread the goodness of health from door to door and shore to shore.

Return Shipping

While we provide free shipping on the goods to you the first time, unless there is a quality issue or an error on our part the customer is responsible for return shipping fees. But we encourage you to contact us first so we can understand your concern and provide you the best resolution. You are welcome to change your mind and you are also welcome to provide your honest feedback about our quality and our service because we are always listening.

Cash on Delivery

While we understand the importance for your convenience, the Cash on Delivery has always been a sticky subject for us. Initially this just wasn't an option for a small business like ours, and recently we were able to run a limited pilot with India Post for providing the same facility. Unfortunately the risks with Cash on Delivery are too high starting from the additional costs involved in collections, transfer and payment receipt to the availability of the customer to collect payments. Despite all these challenges we have run a few experiments and are waiting to see the feedback and determine if this is a service we want to continue to offer.