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4 Healthy Drinks for Your Breakfast

According to research, eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day can reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease by 30%. Fruits and vegetables form the core components of a sattvic diet. A sattvic diet promotes longevity, positive thoughts, happiness, strength and health. Whether you are following a yogic diet or want to stay sharp and focused during the day, below are four healthy drinks that can help you sip your way to a stronger immune system.

Organic Coffee

Organic coffee has numerous vital nutrients that can help you kickstart your day on a healthy note. It is grown using traditional practices, making it free of harmful synthetics such as fertilisers, herbicides and additives. There are various ideas for making your coffee more nutritious. One way is preparing a coffee smoothie using banana, avocado, coconut milk, almond nuts and organic coffee beans. If you are having black coffee, adding salt to your favorite brew can be beneficial as it reduces the bitterness. According to Hindustan Times, salt in coffee suppresses the bitterness in coffee and significantly enhances its flavour. For a sweeter taste and health boost, you can also consider adding cinnamon and nutmeg powder to your beverage. If do you fancy a little treat, the occasional mocha won't hurt either.

Herbal and Green Tea

Green tea is known as the healthiest drink in the world today. Having it in your breakfast menu can come with tremendous benefits for your body. This antioxidant has been shown to improve blood flow, lower cholesterol, inhibit tumour growth, strengthen teeth and aid in weight loss by boosting metabolism. You can also opt for herbal tea from Lavender flowers, dandelion root or ginger. These drinks not only keep you hydrated but also relax your body and brain.

Oatmeal Smoothie

Not only are fruit smoothies super delicious but they are also nutritious. Oatmeal is easily digestible, and it contains soluble fibres. It can be effectively used as a wheat or corn substitute for breakfast, and it can be combined with multiple ingredients to add texture and flavour. Whether you mix it with banana, almond milk, chia seeds, strawberry, peach or berries, you’re assured of a replenishing and energizing glass.

Citrus Fruit Smoothie

Citrus fruits are not only packed with colour and flavour, but they also possess essential nutrients and vitamins. According to The Times of India, citrus fruits lower cholesterol and keeps blood pressure in check. To get the best out of them, use all parts from the pulp to juice. The pulp is an essential source of fibre thus it shouldn’t be discarded. You can mix the fruits using other ingredients like soy milk, mango and even green vegetables such as spinach. A glass of it will give you a steady flow of energy all day long.

To start your day with a healthy drink, consider switching to fresh, organic and whole foods. You will not only have a stronger immune system but also have a longer and happier life. It is also an excellent way to balance the nutritional needs of your body while conserving the environment. With this morning diet guide, you are assured of cheerful and productive days ahead.

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