Conquering Eczema: Controlling the itch

The single biggest challenge with Eczema is how to avoid itching. As mentioned earlier the more you itch the more it will spread by carrying the bad bacteria under your fingernails.

I have tried everything from Coconut Oil, Steroid cream, etc.

I found that Oils and butters should not be used for eczema, they aggravate the sensation and might cause you to do more damage than necessary. Initially most of my online research led me to use coconut oil and despite us having the best quality coconut oil it didn't really help. The body butters had a similar effect and while our quality is unparalleled they are not suitable for eczema.

At some point it became so bad that I resorted to a steroid cream called fucibet which was prescribed to my mother at the time she suffered from pemphigus. While it did provide temporary relief, the disease was still spreading and the steroids have a very damaging effect on the skin. It would completely destroy the pigmentation and make the skin darker and numb.

The saviours were strong pain ointments like tiger balm which would provide a cooling and burning sensation and distract me till I fell asleep. While bathing many a times I would not apply soap to the affected areas and instead use a himalayan salt bar, which would also burn like hell. The burning would keep me from the desire to itch.

Frankincense oil has the most healing ability of all the essential oils I have seen, I would apply it to open wounds at night and by morning they would be much better. Because everything we sell at Sattvic foods are products we use ourselves, we sell the highest and purest grade of therapeutic Frankincense oil.

Sometimes for a stronger burning sensation I use wintergreen oil or peppermint oil, wintergreen oil is so strong that you can actually burn yourself with it. One has to be careful not to get it close to any private parts.

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