Conquering Eczema: How it started

I am still unclear as to what caused or started my Eczema in the first place. My understanding is that it is events over time that causes damage to the immune system after which it slowly begins to spread. I did have bouts of skin irritation in the past that I self diagnosed as ringworm and treated several times with over the counter ointments that did provide me relief. However in 2017 I developed a more resistant irritation and it refused to respond to the ringworm ointments. I got a diagnosis from my ayurvedic doctor who confirmed it was Atopic Dermatitis. In 2016 I had seed my mother suffer through Pemphigus and we tried a lot of alternate therapy on her, but it was too late once she had taken the antibiotics prescribed by the dermatologist within days her body was covered in blisters and we had no choice but to take a very strong allopathic infusion called Rituximab a monoclonal antibody that shuts down the immune system so that it cannot attack itself and not manifest in whatever form of auto-immune disease the patient is suffering from. While it did the job and possibly saved her life, it has significant side effects that last several years after the infusion. Weight gain, nerve pain, lowered immunity, etc. Not to forget that most online research says there is a 30% chance that the patients life will be at risk on the first infusion and there is no compatibility guarantee. After seeing her suffer through it, in a way I wished it upon myself so I could figure out a way to cure it. I don't believe this was the reason it started but it could be several things from diet to lifestyle, sleep patterns, genetics, etc.
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