Conquering Eczema: Repair with Fasting & Autophagy

Many a times if I have to think about two controllable reasons why I feel I may have developed Eczema I would say 1. “High protein diet with a sluggish liver” 2. “Frequency of eating” During my late 20s after I had my sluggish liver diagnosis I started athletic training. This slowly demanded that I move to high protein diet which I wasn’t compatible with. I used to have a lot of flatulence and bowel trouble which is common with such diets. At the tome I didn’t take care to use a lot of fibre supplements either. I feel I may have done some irreversible digestive system damage at that point. Coupled with the fact that I would eat 4-5 meals per day and almost gave my digestive system no rest at all. A few years later as I feel from the effects of the athletic performance lifestyles I am eager to repair my body. But there are always these misconceptions and fears such as loss of muscle mass, etc that don’t encourage you to do fasting often. After a lot of research into fasting, the fact that it is yogic and has been mentioned a lot in the Vedas, coupled with the fact that fasting was normal in prehistoric times when man either hunted, farmed or gathered his food. I am sure he didn’t have time for 3 square meals at specified intervals. Rather he ate when he could, when he felt hungry or simply when he got a large catch. This is so contrary to the fixed interval rating plan, that I just had to try it. Enter Intermittent fasting - one of the best repair mechanisms known. Gives a sufficient break to the digestive system and allows cellular level repair. The magic of intermittent fasting is that you can eat what you want till you drop and then just don’t eat again till the next day. After seeing the positive impact intermittent fasting has had on my system, my biggest fear of skipping breakfast is overcome. And I am more and more keen to try the dry fasting (autophagy) which leads to full repair. As proven by Japanese scientists autophagy is the only complete natural way to rejuvenate cells in the body. Unfortunately this practise requires expert guidance as well as loads of determination as it is done over the course of a few days and is an extreme fast which doesn’t even allow water. One of the leading experts in the world on dry fasting, Ana Yakuba hold retreats every year for the same.
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