Conquering Eczema: Shankhaprakshalana - The Soft Reset button

If there is one thing keeping me away from Steroids it is the ability to reset my condition when things get bad. When I have a lot of open sores and when they aren’t healing or if I have a few continuous days of itching and sores aren’t getting enough time to close up. it’s at these specific times or just every 6 months I do a reset. 
An ancient yogic practise called “Laghu Shakhaprakshalana”. This magical practise has long lasting benefits and although it is a cleansing of the intestines it affects the entire body, including stomach, liver, heart, pancreas and nervous system.

This practise is hard and should not be done without supervision. Lucky for me I was taught by Satyananda Yoga School Austin which has over 20 years of experience in teaching traditional Hatha Yoga. The practice starts with eating really light the previous day, the morning of the practise one has to consume lots of warm water with sea salt. While doing that there are a series of hatha yoga practices to be done which massage the stomach, intestines and internal organs to flush out toxins and residual food. The consumption of warm water and the practises are continued till there is no faeces excreted and just plain water. It can take about an hour sometimes more. The practise is very physically draining and must be done on a day that one can rest. 
After the practise only simple khichdi of yellow moong dal and rice can be eaten loaded with ghee. When hungry one has to eat the same. This ghee lines the intestines with a fresh of fats that boosts absorption of nutrients from foods and alleviates any digestives conditions. Light food has to be eaten the next day or two as well.

The results of Laghu Shankhaprakshalana are beyond magical. I haven’t tried the full Shankhaprakshalana but only the Laghu (shorter version of the practice). Once completed you can always feel your body healing and any/all conditions improving. Whenever you feel like your systems are dragging, just reboot! It doesn’t only work for computers but humans too!

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