Free Samples: Try before you buy

We believe as a customer you must have the ability to try before you buy. That is the concept behind our Free Sample policy. For every order above rs.500/- you are entitled to 1 free sample. And an additional free sample for every incremental purchase of rs.500/- Which means for an order of rs.2,000/- you are entitled to 4 free samples.

What is a free sample?

A free sample is a single serving of a product for the sole purpose of your evaluation. The weight can range between 3-20 grams of the product. For an item such as tea leaves a serving would be 3 grams, and red rice on the other hand would be 20 grams approximately. We try to send our sample in a biodegradable brown zip lock paper bag. Specific requests cannot be entertained.

How to order a free sample?

To order a free sample, simply click the "Add Free Sample To Cart" button on the product pages. This button is only displayed on products where a free sample is available.

Why are free samples not offered for liquids?

Since we only use glass packaging for our liquid products, we do not have any option to provide free sample. Glass packaging is expensive and so is the packaging as well to avoid breakage.   Kindly note that our Terms and Conditions apply on the free samples. We have the right to cancel your free samples and/or your order if we find that our free sample service is being misused. Kindly refrain from reordering the same free samples on consequent orders. If you like the product we hope that you will order the same.  
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