Improving the quality of my diet - A customers viewpoint

As I was looking forward to  make simple and small changes to my staple diet, to make myself feel healthier, I came across Sattvic foods back in 2015.

I always knew that I never wanted to compromise on flavour and price that inviting a new quality of food ingredients could bring at the heart of preparing and cooking every meal.

Perhaps, encouraged by all the latest information floating across the internet, I decided to turn to shopping online for whole foods like Steel-cut Oats, Rolled Oats, Coconut Oil, Wild Honey, Pumpkin Seeds, Salt/Spices, Flours, Sunflower Seeds, etc. Since then there hasn't come a need to turn around towards anything else.

Based on the repeated usage of these products and how they resonated with me, I thought to share few of my viewpoints:

1) Value

Using these affordable and long lasting, pure quality ingredients helped me organising my pantry in a more cost effective way. Also adding genuine ingredients of consistent quality reduced the common hassles of return and replacement.

2) Nutrition

Getting my hands on organic food items so easily in a single-click increased my overall intake of healthy  food in my regular diet throughout the year. On my journey towards understanding my health requirements, I felt fullness without any adverse effects on using these every day kitchen ingredients bought from this online store.

3) Sustainably Sourced

Since I found that so many products that I began purchasing this year were sourced directly from the farmers, I felt immense content on every purchase and felt my contribution towards a worthy cause.

4) Genuine Connection

Unlike so many other websites, I found a genuine connection as a buyer, because my needs were addressed and every communication was responded to in a satisfactory manner. Sattvic foods allows us the option to get free samples with every purchase and sometimes includes a surprise gift in the order to show how much they value their customers.

Overall I have had an enriching grocery shopping experience during these past few years and I highly recommend the same to one and all

Happy shopping!

 -Garima Jadaun

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