Khapli Wheat Barfi - A Soulful & Nourishing Treat!

Khapli Wheat Barfi - A Soulful & Nourishing Treat!

Emmer wheat flour, also known as Khapli flour, is a rich source of nutrients, including protein, fiber, and essential minerals. Combined with the natural sweetness of jaggery and the goodness of ghee, these squares provide a balanced mix of energy and nutrition.

This homemade barfi showcases the essence of Indian sweets and is perfect for any festive occasion.

Khapli wheat flour with a medley of aromatic spices, creates a delectable treat that is both nutritious and satisfying. This sweet delicacy is a healthy sweet alternative to traditional desserts, as it utilizes wholesome ingredients without compromising on taste.

Khapli wheat, also known as Emmer wheat, is an ancient grain that has been cultivated for centuries. It is packed with essential nutrients, dietary fibre, and antioxidants, making it a healthier alternative to refined flours.

The goodness of Khapli wheat flour with a perfect blend of aromatic spices, nuts, and a touch of sweetness, not only satisfies your sweet cravings but also provides a good dose of fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

By incorporating Khapli wheat into your diet, you can experience numerous health benefits.

  1. Khapli Atta promotes digestive health by adding bulk to stools, improving bowel regularity, and preventing constipation
  2. It promotes better digestion, helps in maintaining blood sugar levels, and aids in weight management.
  3. It consists of more essential nutrients and is easy to digest. Moreover, it is rich in fibre, proteins and vitamins, making it especially good for people with diabetes, celiac disease and pregnant women.
  4. Khapli wheat is also rich in antioxidants, which can help fight inflammation and protect against chronic diseases.


- Emmer Wheat Flour (Khapli Flour)
- Jaggery Powder
- Ghee
- Cardamom Powder


1) In a bowl, mix together the flour, jaggery, Cardamom powder, and ghee till it forms a loose dough.

2) Grease a tray with ghee and gently press the dough firmly into the pan. Let it chill for 10-20 mins.

3) Cut the dough into squares and serve!

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