Organic Products: How They Heal The Body And Environment

Organic Products: How They Heal The Body And Environment

India has a great advantage when it comes to producing organic products. It has more organic farmers than any other country in the world. Between 2015 and 2016, India produced approximately 1.3 million metric tons of certified organic products. This included all varieties of food products. Organic products are better for the environment while also forming part of your healthy sattvic diet and lifestyle, with the focus on foods that heal instead of harm the body.

Why You Should Choose Organic Food

Research has found that organic foods have a higher nutritional value than regular foods. This is because they don’t make use of fertilizers and pesticides, which encourages plants to increase their production of nutrients so that they can be more resistant to weeds and insects. For people, this means that the produce contains more nutrients when consumed. The lack of chemical pesticides in fresh produce also prevents diseases such as cancer. These natural and fresh foods are rich in Prana, or life force. For the environment, growing organic produce means that the water and soil can be nourished and preserved. Conventional agriculture that makes use of chemical fertilizers pollute the sources of drinking water that goes to almost 70 percent of India’s population. Organic farming methods therefore prevent this water pollution from taking place by keeping chemicals out of the picture.  Choosing an organic lifestyle can prevent disease, which according to Ayurveda, can occur when there is too much rajas (energy) or tamas (lethargy) in the body. Bringing the body back to a place of balance and harmony (sattvic) is therefore important, and the body can be revived with healthy foods.

Why You Should Choose Organic Makeup And Skincare

It’s been said that the average woman will use 16 beauty products every day. If you think about how many more skincare products get used on a daily basis, this number can steadily rise. Many skincare and beauty products contain harmful toxins in them. Scarily, studies have shown that the skin absorbs up to 60 percent of chemicals in skincare and beauty products. Once absorbed, these chemicals enter the bloodstream where they can harm one’s health. Some of the most common chemicals found in conventional makeup include:
  1. Mercury Although banned in many countries including India, mercury is still found in many skincare products. Research has found that 44 percent of skin-lightening creams contain mercury. India’s lack of regulations is the culprit. Mercury has dangerous effects on the body, causing depression, anxiety, kidney problems, skin discoloration and scarring, and even psychosis. All of these can harm your wellbeing, whether physically or emotionally.
  2. Titanium Dioxide This ingredient in found in many products because it blocks UV radiation, thus it can protect your skin from the harmful sun. The problem is that it contains dust that’s known to cause cancer. These tiny particles of dust easily get into the skin and enter the body. Titanium dioxide has an alarming effect on the environment. It prevents phytoplankton, which creates two-thirds of the earth’s atmospheric oxygen, from growing. With less of it being produced, this could lead to the death of large numbers of ocean life.
  1. Parabens Parabens are found in many products, from deodorants and moisturizers to foundations. They’re said to be preservatives, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. Parabens mimic estrogens and disrupt the body’s endocrine system functioning, which can affect the body’s levels of hormones as well as gland functioning. It can even cause disease such as cancer.
Research has found that parabens have been accumulating in the tissues of various marine organisms, as well as bears and birds. This shows that ingredients we use can end up in the environment, where they can affect animals. More research is being done into how harmful parabens can be for animal life. By avoiding conventional makeup and skincare products that contain harmful ingredients such as the above, the number of toxins entering your body as well as the environment can be decreased. Luckily, there are many available and popular organic and healthy beauty products to use as substitutes to conventional ones. Switching to organic foods, makeup and skincare products, will enable you to take huge steps to making yourself healthier as well as securing the health of the planet. Although it might feel overwhelming to start an organic lifestyle, start with small changes and you’ll be motivated to do more.  Every bit helps to ensure a more balanced, healthy, and vibrant existence. -Jen Connor Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash
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