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Neem Honey (Raw and Unheated)

Neem Honey (Raw and Unheated)


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Product Description

An amazing dark honey with a rich natural dark toffee gingerbread taste, this honey is sourced directly from a private apiary in Uttaranchal. It has medicinal properties and wide-ranging health benefits. Our Honeys are 100% raw and unheated, thereby preserving all the enzymes and health-promoting qualities.
  • An amazing dark honey with a rich natural dark toffee, gingerbread taste, and the distinctive essence of honey itself — warm and enveloping and wildly floral.
  • This honey not only tastes great but also has medicinal properties and wide-ranging health benefits.
  • Collected by expert beekeepers using cruelty-free methods
  • All our Honey is 100% raw and unheated - thereby preserving all the delicate enzymes and health-promoting qualities.
  • 100% Raw and Unheated.
  • Sourced directly from expert beekeepers of Uttaranchal.
  • 100% natural technique of extraction and not harming the bees in anyways.

Our Neem Honey is Sourced directly from a private apiary in Uttaranchal with over 20 yrs of beekeeping experience. We use 100% natural techniques, no heat, and do not harm the bees in any way.

  • One Teaspoon before bedtime or in the morning before breakfast. Always avoid mixing it with anything very hot as this would destroy the live enzymes present.
  • Apply topically to heal wounds and rashes or Take internally to treat infections and address other health concerns. 

Read more about the Health Benefits of this Honey and how it is used in functional medicine

  • Lowers Blood Pressure- Neem is a winner when it comes to being a multipurpose adaptogenic herb. Nicknamed the village pharmacy in India, Neem can treat anything from skin inflammation to anxiety. A study has shown that Neem has an equal or even higher anti-anxiety effect than Valium. It not only lowers your blood pressure but also reduces inflammation and stress.
  • Speed up the wound healing process- Honey has Purifying and anti-inflammatory properties thus it profoundly acts as an internal antiseptic and cleanses the internal human body system to boost overall health and speed up healing processes. But it can also be used externally as a wound dressing to promote rapid and improved healing.
  • Great for Respiratory Health- It is aseptic. It is extremely useful to treat respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. Neem honey has anti-inflammatory properties which are good for coughs and colds, while it profoundly acts as an internal antiseptic and cleanses the internal human body system to boost overall health.
  • Improve Skin Health- Vitamin C content helps combat blackheads, dull skin, fine lines, and pigmentation. Neem has been known to reduce acne and pimples and, since it will not dry out your skin, it is a great addition to your weekly skincare routine.

Keep away from direct heat

Customer Reviews

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Sneha Soni

Completely raw and pure . Very beneficial too

Zoe Mago

Neem Honey (Raw and Unheated)

Srinivas Sripati
Neem honey

The product is good and service is excellent.pls deliver the honey in plastic bottles so the bottles won't break in the transit.Thank you.


My reasons for buying this particular honey are two fold. My mother has mild but stubborn eczema on her legs and I am constantly on a lookout for ways to treat it the non chemical way. Neem is known to be a great healing agent for skin issues such as eczema as is Honey. She uses it both topically & as well as orally (a spoonful along with apple cider every single day).
Another reason has been to improve my immunity & shed a few unwanted kilos. With the onset of monsoons, I have started having warm water with lemon first thing in the morning and I wanted a high grade honey to add to this. Neem honey made a lot of sense as I reap the combined benefits of both Neem as well as Honey.

Neem honey
Ayurveda has long worshiped Neem & honey for their all round ability to cure pretty much any health issue. Won't get into the details here but Neem has been a time tested therapeutic agent for a wide variety of health issues and even if you don't suffer from anything, you do want to include it on a daily basis for maintaining good health.

Quality of this product
I am very particular about the standard of things that I apply on my skin and intake orally. I am no guinea pig, if I am highly unsure of the quality, I do not take a chance. In the past I have tried this seller's Acacia honey and having been super happy, it assured me of the quality of this honey. To compare, I like this honey more than Acacia but my father prefers it the other way so I suppose individual tastes come into play here. Acacia honey was yellow in colour, was decidedly more honey-ish in smell & taste, really sweet and definitely more runny in consistency whereas this honey is denser, has the slightest hint of neem which makes it a tad less sweeter and is amber (golden brown) coloured.

As with all natural remedies, it takes time to show effects. It would be impossible to see any discernible positive effect within a week of intake. All you can really do is be sure of the quality of the product and let nature take its course. I am very happy with the quality and hope for the best. That said, my mother did find this honey superlative when applied topically on her eczema. It brought down the itchiness and ensured the skin did not dry out quickly.

Word of caution
If you plan to use it with your cup of green tea, do remember to not add the honey directly to the hot tea. Honey loses its healing qualities in the heat. So always let the tea become tepid/lukewarm before you add honey to it.

Last word
If you wish to up your health quotient, this honey is a welcome addition. But if you want a honey that is really really sweet, go for Acacia honey instead. Sattvic Foods Honey of Kashmir (Raw Acacia Honey) AGMARK tested (200 g)

Good quality and Natural Neem Honey

I have been taking a spoon of this on empty stomach every day for the last one month and found that my skin now looks generally healthy (quite a visible difference). It tastes quite nice and it is thick like normal honey ( at the end it tastes a tiny bit of bitter, I suppose it being neem honey).
It looks and tastes genuine and natural.
I really liked the product.