Conquering Eczema: Ghee the Medicine of the Gods

Ghee has been popular in India since times immemorial. Touted as the medicine of the gods and liquid gold. I heard about Ayurvedic therapy Virechana that puts you on a ghee detox for about a week and that ghee is the magic we have all been looking for to boost absorption of nutrients in our body and allow toxins to pass to the liver for excretion.
I didn’t need much convincing to try adding 1 tablespoon of ghee as the first thing I consumed each day. In just 2-3 days I can feel the magic. My skin starts to clear up and is much softer, no new wounds and sores. Hence better and more restful sleep as well.

Now I am even more curious as to what the prolonged Ayurvedic treatments are capable of.
Products like ghee are much adulterated, I’ve heard rumours of starches being added or dalda, that’s the most common one. Using pure ingredients is the key to good health, that’s why despite being a vegan brand for years, we finally decided to add Ghee to our product line. Something that we ourselves use for our own treatment that tastes great and is light and easy to consume plain on empty stomach. Ghee from the Gir cow is the most beneficial, Sourced organically and hence pure is equally important. And the traditional Bilona method of clockwise and anti-clockwise churning is the secret to getting the right nutrients in the butter.
I believe the ghee treatment should work with most auto-immune diseases, try with any ghee you like or our own Sattvic foods Organic A2 Desi Gir Cow Liquid Ghee (Traditional Bilona Method)

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