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Organic Goan Red Rice

Organic Goan Red Rice

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From the coastal state of Goa, Goan Red Rice is known for its unique firm texture and slightly nutty grains making it ideal for coconut milk-based curries.

It is parboiled, meaning boiled in the husk. Parboiling makes rice easier to process by hand, improves its nutritional profile, and changes its texture. However, because of the special processing, parboiled rice is a better source of fibre, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B-6 than regular white rice. Parboiled rice is a common variety of rice that has been pre-cooked with its husk before being dried again, it's less sticky and conserves more nutrients which are good for a diabetic patient. Goan red rice grain is cooked and served just as you would white or brown rice.


Goan Red Rice is exquisite tasting rice from the coastal state of Goa, specially milled to leave distinctive red streaks that give it its name. Known commonly as Ukade rice, it is popular for its reddish colour and thicker grains. Its unique firm texture and slightly nutty grains make it ideal for coconut milk-based curries.

How To Use

  • Wash rice a couple of times
  • Soak it for about 20-30 minutes
  • Boil the rice in water, when the water comes to a rolling boil add a little salt (optional)
  • Cook till the rice is soft
  • Drain the water completely using a sieve
  • Serve alongside your favourite curry.

Recipe Idea Goan Boiled Rice (Ukadem Xitt) By Hilda Mascarenhas

Health Benefits

  • Parboiled rice has a Low Glycemic Index
  • Rich source of B vitamins
  • Keeps your stomach filled for a longer period as compared to other rice. So it keeps your appetite satisfied for longer.
  • It’s a better source of fibre, calcium, potassium, and vitamin B-6 than regular white rice.

Why Buy Ours

Our Goan red rice is of a very high quality which is rich in iron, highly nutritious, and rich in vitamins. More importantly, unlike conventional white rice, red rice helps in maintaining your blood sugar levels at a healthy mark. This is primarily due to the low starch content in red rice.

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