Sola Kadhi: Kokum Refresh

Sola Kadhi: Kokum Refresh

Sola Kadhi, also known as Kokum Kadhi, is a traditional and flavourful Indian drink made with sola (kokum) extract, and an assortment of spices. Sola, derived from the kokum fruit, contributes a distinct tangy and slightly sweet flavour, along with its characteristic deep purple colour. This kadhi is well-loved in regions where kokum is native, such as the western coastal areas of India.




12-15 Kokum Rind

Himalayan Salt


2-3 cups of water




  1. Soak Kokum Rind in a bowl for 15-30 minutes
  2. Then squeeze in the same bowl to extract juice.
  3. Strain the juice.
  4. Add Himalayan Salt as per taste.
  5. Optionally include ice cubes.
  6. Garnish with coriander.

Cheers to convenience - its ready to drink!

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